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Donmac’s mission is straightforward:

Providing tailored solutionstocompanies that require a trusted, repeatable product. Our commitment to quality is reflected by successful customers across Canada, the USA and Europe.
Success is our passion.
What defines success for you?
How will you secure that big contract?

• Zero defects • Timely delivery •
• Meeting budget • Critical features •

In collaboration with Donmac our clients achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the global market.
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High speed, tight tolerance

CNC Machining for volumes of 50 to 500 000+

High speed, tight tolerance

Fully and Semi automated assembly cells


CNC Mill-Turn centers for all component features:
• Milling• Turning
• Threading • Knurling
• Broaching • Crimping
• Deep hole drilling
… and more

Material capabilities in various steels, stainless steels and alloys. Brass, aluminum and various plastics.

Component size range .0017” and larger (.04mm)
Ancillary equipment for secondary machining, micro machining, swaging, pressing, detailing and inspection.

Automated assembly cells for epoxy andmicro-solder application, 100% inspection, vision systems for criticalcharacteristics.

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